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Mind, Consciousness & Money


Discover How to Harness the Power of Your Mind to Finally Achieve Your Biggest Goals and Desires!


Explore a new understanding of how to play the game of life and open up the door to inner endless possibilities


You Know You’re Meant For More

But where do you even start? Have you ever felt so stuck that you start to wonder if maybe the next level was not meant for you?

Or maybe you feel totally uninspired and it feels as if you have zero creative mojo in you?

You feel as if your inner block is as solid as stone and no matter what you do you can’t release it. You’ve tried everything (because hello high achiever) but you’re lost on what the next step is to go to the next level.


Join The Tellus Retreat!

• Sweden - June 2019 •

You want change. You really do.


You’ve heard about mindfulness, but aren’t really sure how it works (or if it works at all!).

How do you get unstuck and step into your own brilliance? How do you ditch the overwhelm and create a life you absolutely adore?

You want to lead with integrity (but can’t seem to get hold of your own!).

  • You’ve been to seminars on goal setting

  • You’ve tried upping your productivity tools

  • You’ve invested in coaching to help you perform better

The thing is you’re already at full speed. You think so fast, others have a hard time keeping up.

You already operate at 50k feet, when you are in alignment that is…but when you’re stuck at the ground level you can’t seem to find your way up again. Which frustrates you!


So how do you rise faster and get up quickly when you’ve fallen down? How do you become truly unstoppable?

Join The Tellus Retreat!

• Sweden - June 2019 •




When: First Week of June 2019

Where: Sweden (TBA)

Price: $5000

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The Tellus Retreat

1:st week of June 2019

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  • How to play the game of life without being attached to the outcome

  • How to become your best self and be fearless in your pursuit of your goals

  • Get a deeper understanding of how the human experience works and what you need to practice to create your desired reality

  • Master the tools that help you overcome obstacles and navigate through fear and doubt.

  • Learn to dismantle any obstacle and expand your capacity to conquer the impossible