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Discover how to rewire your brain for food freedom in just five days

by following my proven 3-step framework

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If your dinner plate feels like a battlefield, then welcome, friend.

You’re in the right place.

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Lemme guess...

On the average day, your inner monologue goes something like this:

“Today is the day I’ll start eating perfectly. I’ll order a salad instead of grabbing a slice. And when I get back to the office, I won’t even look at the vending machine. I’ll march straight past it and eat the apple I packed this morning.”

Until the evening comes and you find yourself fist-deep in a pint of Ben & Jerry’s wondering “How the heck did this happen???” “Don’t worry,” says the incessant voice in your head running the show. “Tomorrow will be different.”

But it never is, is it?

“I’m successful at everything else in life, so why can’t I figure out my food?"

It’s not like you’re not smart. You are. Exceptionally smart, even.
I’m here to tell you that nothing is wrong with you.


It was NEVER about the food

Is there really a way to have peace with food?
Yes. And I found it.


Not through food rules

Not through abstinence

Not through therapy

Ready to change your relationship with food forever?




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My 3-Step Framework

to rewire your brain so you can have peace with food and the freedom to walk away from food that doesn’t serve you.


What they say...

”This has changed my perspective on binging. I have hope now, I have power. I have been beating myself up about my eating, weight FOR YEARS!!!! I’m sick of living like I have no control over my actions, clearly I do and I feel so empowered. Thank you!”

”The mini course is great and the worksheets very helpful, kept me focused on what I'd just listened to. Thank you for sharing your findings and techniques and the brilliant quotes you include - very inspiring.

“I loved all the parts of this mini course! I also liked that there was not a very big daily time commitment. I have more awareness around my eating habits and have been able to stop and think about why I was eating. Fernanda’s knowledge was inspiring and her presence is very sweet."

In my 5-Day Food Freedom Mini Course you’ll learn:

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End the struggle with food

Discover why it was never about the food and why we’ve been looking in the wrong direction. I’ll show you what’s possible and give you tools to get started on your journey to food freedom.

Understand why you overeat

Find out the fascinating implications of recent research on neuroscience and how, by understanding how your mind works, you can rewire your brain for lasting change.

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Rewire your brain in 3 simple steps

See how the power of Mindfulness changes the structure of your brain and breaks the habit of overeating (this is mindblowing stuff!)

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The 3 S’s Framework

Explore a meditation that walks you through three steps that will stop any urge in its tracks. This simple tool will be your secret weapon!

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Pep-Talk Audio

On the last day of the 5-day mini course, you’ll receive a pep-talk designed to keep your brain on track. It’ll infuse you with feel-good chemicals and uplift you when you need it most. (Recommended listening: Daily!)


Affirmations for Food Freedom

An Audio Training designed to uplift you and help you get into alignment whenever you need a boost during your day

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GET IT for $149 $27 Now!

(That’s over 80% off retail price. You will never see this offer again!)

Who is this course for?

People who are ready to ditch the “food addict” mindset

If you’ve tried being abstinent from “bad foods”, you’ve had all kinds of “food rules” and tried every single food program out there, even food addiction groups, and you’re feeling like a hopeless case? Then this course is perfect for you.

High-achievers who are successful at everything else in their lives... raising a family, running your own business, having a wonderful name it, you’re pretty badass at what you do...but you can’t figure out food and why your eating is out of control. Then you’re in the right place.

The Rule Breakers

You don’t like being pushed around and being treated like a victim. You refuse to a life where a rigid food plan is the only option. You refuse to live a life where you need “support groups” to keep your eating in check. You crave freedom and long to finally be done with the war with food. You’re ready for a paradigm shift in your eating. You’re ready to step fully into your own power. Then let me say this: Welcome to the club.


What they say...

“It’s an entirely different view on the whole dieting thing than I’ve ever heard before”

“This course is a hybrid of science and spirituality. I never dreamed that “brain science” had anything to do with my struggle with food and weight. I always thought there was something wrong with me. This course opened my eyes to a new way of understanding my impulses and obsessions. Fernanda has created a safe space for learning and growing. She teaches with compassion and intelligence.

”Before completing the 5-day mini course my biggest struggle was feeling like there was something wrong with me. But I have known for a while now that no diet or food plan was going to work. I knew it was my mind, I just did know how to fix it. Now after completing the mini course and watching some of the Master Classes I feel like you have given me the answer. I love the way you present the information. It's so clear and simple to understand.”

“I’ve been seeing nutritionists since age 11. I found Fernanda’s approach to weight loss hitting the nail. The 5-day mini course has changed my mindset and my health."

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A recap of what you’re getting

5 video lessons that will walk you through the rewiring process and the 3-step framework so you can start your journey to food freedom

Transcripts of all the lessons

The Food Freedom Workbook to deepen your understanding of the course

Downloadable versions, MP3’s, of all the lessons for easy access

Bonus “Affirmations for Food Freedom”

GET IT for $149 $27 Now!


(That’s over 80% off retail price. You will never see this offer again!)


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