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The information is mind blowing. It will change the way you look at your relationship with food.
— Jenna, USA


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I’ve been seeing nutritionists since age 11. I found Fernanda’s approach to weight loss hitting the nail. We know what to eat, but the thing is, we don’t stick to what we know. The 5-day mini course has changed my mindset and my health. Thank you!
— Paula - Costa Rica
I wasn’t sure if this would work or be like all the other things I had tried but this has opened up a freedom to be me and be healthy too! No more guilt trips! I’m discovering such peace and internal power. This is the beginning of a more peaceful relationship with food and myself.
— Cathy - Texas, USA
I wasn’t sure if this course would help me, but after the 5-day mini course I’ve just become much more aware of my thoughts and behaviors around food. The best part was the brain science lesson. The fact that it’s not just habit or laziness but that there are things happening in your brain to keep you in those behaviors is fascinating. It’s an entirely different view on the whole dieting thing than I’ve ever heard before.
— Leah - Texas, USA
I’m much more relaxed around food and eating. I understood more about the food choices I make and how impulsive they are. Now I choose much more carefully, and only if I am really hungry. I would definitely recommend the 5-day mini course!
— Dorinda - California, USA
The framework was super useful and still is. I began to notice a deepening in my ability to trust myself and attend to food thoughts more mindfully. There were a lot of treasures in the mini course. The material was beautifully and thoughtfully presented.
— Sabrina - Texas, USA


In this course you'll learn:

  • How your brain functions and the reason why you overeat.

  • The science of habits.

  • How the path to a rewired brain works.

  • The 3 steps to a life with food freedom.

After the 5-day mini course, I realized that my behaviors were set deep in the recesses of my brain and that I can change them. I’ve been able to take back the control over my thoughts. I see great potential for it to help others like it has helped me. It has awakened huge potential for the future in my life. I highly recommend it.
— Sharon - Junction City, USA
meditation for overeating
What if this was another plan that may not work? Now I’m able to notice my brain at work. Seeing that it’s just thoughts. It’s not me. The mini course helped me to see that it’s just a habit and that it will change. I would recommend the 5-day mini course because awareness is the first step to change. I love the 5 minute meditation!
— Reem - Texas, USA















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Courses always make me somewhat uneasy. Will I follow through? What is involved, what will be uncovered? I have noticed being kinder to myself around food, more forgiving if I indulge. My biggest win is my heightened awareness and realizing that a craving is just a thought and that thought will pass if I allow it. The videos lessons helped make the content more real. I love how Fernanda presents material and draws us into her circle of intimacy to share this wonderful work.
— Marlies - Canada
When I first signed up for the mini course I thought it probably wouldn’t work for me. The information is mind blowing. It will change the way you look at your relationship with food. This course is a hybrid of science and spirituality. I never dreamed that “brain science” had anything to do with my struggle with food and weight. I always thought there was something wrong with me. This course opened my eyes to a new way of understanding my impulses and obsessions. Fernanda has created a safe space for learning and growing. She teaches with compassion and intelligence. I would recommend the 5-day mini course!
— Jenna - Washington DC, USA
I wondered after so many diets and techniques I have gone through what information Fernanda might have that I was missing. Life is so different now! Fernanda gently and intelligently guides you through the five days and shows you the magic that has been waiting inside you all this time. I felt more encouraged and confident each day that I could assuredly accomplish what she described. I am feeling better, I am so peaceful , content with life and I am looking better than I have in years. If you are reading this and have a habit that really consumes a big portion of your life do yourself a service and take the mini series. If you can relate to feeling like food controls you, or you cannot stop smoking despite your best efforts, Fernanda has wonderful help waiting for you. Five days. What a gift she is offering!
— Kayte - WA, USA
I was ready for something new! I’m challenging my beliefs about binging and cravings now. I’m using my cravings as opportunities to see my brain’s activities and to sit with those thoughts. The biggest win for me was letting go of the idea that I’m a food addict, that we’re not diseased. We’re not helpless. We just need new tools to manage our brain.
— Elaine - London, UK
I tend to overcommit and wondered if the content would really matter to me. I DID notice a subtle change in my thinking around food impulsiveness. A foundation was being laid in my brain. It’s truly empowered me. I absolutely recommend this 5-day mini course. The short bites of information fit easily into any schedule! And each is a gem. Giant oaks from tiny acorns grow. Those tiny acorns of the mini course point to solid and wise pathways towards my goal. They help ME take control over what’s around me choices as well as life choices. Grab yourself an acorn!
— Laura - WA, USA
I feel that I have more clarity around my feelings and emotions and that this is very helpful for me. I have meditated in the past, but it was not something I ever looked forward to. Fernanda has enabled me to embrace meditation and that is a huge win for me. Fernanda provides you with excellent life tools. Not just for food freedom, but for other aspects of your life. Not only does she give you some great tools to help you navigate through life, but she is able to convey her knowledge in a way that is easy to understand. Her genuine love and kindness is evident in everything she does. Plus, she is honest and supportive. What more can you ask for?
— Stephanie - Ontario, Canada
I feel more at peace around food and food choices now. I love Fernanda’s easy and logical approach to developing new neuropathways. Fernanda is an excellent coach. I would absolutely recommend the 5 day mini course to anyone interested in gaining or re-gaining both their emotional and physiological health. I want to emphasize the special gift that Fernanda has in being able to convey such important and potentially confusing course content in such an easy and understandable way.
— Susan - Saugus, USA
How could five days end an ever existing war with food and my body? I was hesitant to even with the title: life with food freedom, was that even a possibility? How could 5 days fix me? The 5 day mini course gave me hope and power. It helped me realize that food freedom is NOT about how I want to see my body, It IS about how and who I want to be. It is not about food indeed, it is about being a person in charge of my thoughts and even more so, in charge of my decisions and filled with self-control. I now think before I eat. I regained self trust, self confidence, and power. It’s a new and more real perspective on weight and body issues.
— Blanca - Virginia, USA
The clear and simple way Fernanda presents the information so that I really get it is what I liked best. Having the awareness of the brain functions helped me to not be so hard on myself, and to step back and make more of a higher self decision. The principles in the lessons can help you in every aspect of your life. I love the way Fernanda presents information so that I can understand it!
— Barb - MN, USA
I thought it was just another course about meditation for weight loss... but now I find myself having this dialogue with my brain on what is good and bad for me. I feel more conscious of what I put in my mouth nowadays. I’d definitely recommend the course! It gives you those aha moments. It definitely helps in being mindful of our thoughts.
— Ivory - Singapore
I became more self secure to go the right way. I’ ve learned a lot. I really enjoyed the 5 - day mini course!
— Claudia - Axstedt, Germany
I was afraid it would be a waste time but I have gained more awareness of cravings and urges. The mini course provides the foundation for a life with food freedom. For me, gaining the knowledge that I am not broken and that I can rewire my brain to not live my life around food thoughts was big. The course is very informative. I love that it is backed by science and that it shows if you stick with that practice you will succeed.
— Patty - Albany, USA
I’ve become more conscious about why I am eating at any particular time. I loved all the parts of this mini course! I also liked that there was not a very big daily time commitment. I have more awareness around my eating habits and have been able to stop and think about why I was eating. Fernanda’s knowledge was inspiring and her presence is very sweet. Thank you for your dedication to this subject!
— Tracey - NY, USA
I am more conscious about my brain messages now. The mini course made it easy to understand better about how my brain works. My binges have been less frequent and shorter. It’s a great introduction to learning how to stop binge eating.
— Ellen - NJ, USA
I feel more in control. I don’t feel the need to overeat. The uplifting message and encouragement was the best part. I’m now very relaxed around food and don’t worry about making incorrect food choices. I’d definitely recommend the course. It gives you empowerment to make changes. I find going over the course a few times really helps! I feel confident now about making the right choices.
— Kathryn - Glasgow, UK
Before signing up for the 5-day mini course I was waiting for the gimmick, the piece that costs money or requires giving information about friends or family. But after the mini course I am not numbing out in life and stuffing myself. It was information that could be simply remembered and implemented. This was the best and wisest information I’ve ever received regarding healthy eating! Fernanda has given so much of herself in this series. I cannot thank her enough for this love offering. What she has created here has such power. She has offered a key to the joy of living.
— Beatrice - Ohio, USA


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