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What an immense joy it is to be a part of your transformation

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Ballerina. Bonds trader. Two-time master's degree graduate. And I'm just getting started.

We only have one life. I believe in making it count - and showing off my rad dance moves as often as possible.

Most days you can find me in yoga pants, working on the couch with a smile on my face and two cats in my lap. I am a wife to my hunky husband Jonas and mother to three little monsters.

As a mindfulness and food freedom coach, I take my clients through deep transformational coaching.

You are invited to come as you are, to stay a while, and create lasting change. My job is to show you what's possible when you lose the food drama, and take control of your thoughts, feelings and emotions around eating.
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Case Studies

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"I just had it all wrong! I always thought it was about the wrong diet, and diets not working for me. It’s like my eyes have been seeing it all wrong all this time and now I have the right lens. I have always struggled with food or body image. I have tried and failed every single diet and food plan. I have even had a mesh sewn to my tongue to make eating difficult. I will be forever grateful to Fernanda for having shown me an amazing path to life with food freedom, loving myself, mindfulness and, ultimately, to happiness."

- Blanca

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"This was absolutely the best course I’ve ever taken. I was somewhat hesitant to do this course because I’ve been through so many diet and weight loss programs and did not complete them or was doing well for a while and then caved in to my old ways of eating so I thought this might be just another one of those plans. This course was so magnificent I don’t think there’s anything that could have possibly been better! All of the parts of this course were deeply thought out and presented in such a fabulous way it just moves your soul. Everyone should take this course. It should be core curriculum for everyone."

- Beatrice

Gina Abrams.png
"Eating on Tellus is a brilliant program that offers the true answers to the issue of powerful food cravings, and what we might deem as a lack of control related to food. Fernanda’s cutting edge approach to this confounding problem contains the long term solution I have sought for 4 decades. My own struggle with urges to eat and fluctuating weight began when I was 12. It lead me on a long path of experimentation with “optimized” food plans and extensive training in holistic health and transformational coaching. Fernanda brings it all together in an illuminating and effective program that is made entirely enjoyable by her special brand of relatability, warmth, depth and light-heartedness."

- Gina

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"This program has opened my eyes to a new way of thinking- both about food and about my other habits. It has changed my life. Before joining this program, I had a lot of bad food habits that were making it hard to lose the extra 10-15 extra pounds. I was mindlessly eating at night, craving sweets, and overeating at meals.I felt that I didn’t have enough discipline or self-control. I’d tell myself that I’d start eating healthier tomorrow. Since joining this program, I have almost reached my goal weight. I no longer snack mindlessly at night. Fernanda has a warm, calming presence and she knows her stuff. It feels like a friend is guiding you through the course. Trust her and trust yourself - join the course! You won’t regret it."

- Steph

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"This program gives you the tools for much more than just food freedom.” I was a bit hesitant to join Eating on Tellus at first because I already had so much going on, and also I was wondering if it would be any different than other programs I have participated in. I can tell you now it was the best decision I have made for myself! Fernanda presents the information in a clear, peaceful, aesthetically pleasing manner, and does not overwhelm you with too much at once. At the start of the course I was very confused about what food choices to make and had a lot of sugar cravings, now I trust myself to make the right decisions with food, and have a huge awareness around my sugar cravings. I have used the principles in the program in many areas of my life and will continue to do so from now on. I am a better me for following this course!"

- Barb

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"I could define this course as “Life-changing” for me because it raised awareness not only about food but above all about how my mind works. I joined the program because I consider myself a sugar junkie. When I started the course, I soon realized the knowledge Fernanda was sharing had been collected via a scientific, thorough research. After all, what Fernanda is shouting out loud to us is: be the best yourself you can possibly be, live life fully, do not let yourself be in the way. One thing I would love to add about Fernanda’s style of teaching is that she is always so sweet and understanding and FORGIVING."

- Silvia

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