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Everyone thinks it's about mind control
But it's not


It's no coincidence that you found yourself here, at this moment in your life

I'm betting you've been looking for peace of mind for a long time. And I promise, you're in the right place.

If you're struggling to get to the next level, hitting those impossible goals and up-leveling your mindset, let me help. Let me show you where to find your resilience and power again, by rewiring your brain through mindfulness and awareness.


But first. Let me tell you a little about me

I'm an Uruguayan girl, wife and mother of three kids, living in Stockholm, Sweden.

  • I'm a tea snob and lover of all things peanut butter.

  • A huge Sci-Fi and Fantasy nerd (high five, Battlestar Galactica fans!)

  • My favorite place on earth is Cabo Polonio, Uruguay (ain't nothing like it)

  • I'm obsessed with brain science, neuroplasticity and the connection with mindfulness.

  • And I love Shakira. Yup, no shame there! She's an activist. UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador and generously contributing to a better world. What's not to love?


A resilient mind is not fluff


Without a resilient mindset, stuff like this happens:

  • It's your big day. This is the day you've been working towards. It's your time to perform at your best. But things don't go as planned and you freak out, break down and end up in "free-fall mode"...that lasts not days, but weeks (or even months!)

  • You're at the office, trying to come up with a big idea that's going to earn you that big promotion, but your monkey mind won't shut up! Nothing accomplished. Creative mojo gone. Another day wasted.

  • You're on social media, scrolling through posts, reading about everyone else's successes. Your self-confidence drops to below zero levels and in an instant you're emotionally drained. So instead of making meaningful human connections and celebrating others, all you can think about is, "It's not meant for me".

When you're a brain-ninja, the whole world looks different:

  • Even after having the worst day ever - kid reported to the principles office, boss threatening to downsize you, biggest product launch ever...failed, husband still didn't fix the damn dishwasher - instead of your mind spinning out of control into the realm of "Life's a bitch", you calmly go on with life, with a smile on your face, feeling like a total badass.

  • Even after having the best day ever – kid sleeping through the whole night (all my tired mamas out there know what this means!), nailing that big presentation that you’ve been preparing for since the ice age, client gifting you a box of luxurious chocolate – instead of freaking out because "Life can't be this good! When will it all come crashing down?", you calmly and happily go on with life, not even thinking about the future, because hello glorious present moment.


This way of living can be yours, if you choose it

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When I ditched the “doing mindset” I found something else that finally worked. Something that changed my relationship with myself forever. Something that gave me the life I always wanted. I realized that…

It's not about planning better, working harder or DOING more .

It's about mind, consciousness and thought.

That is was never about the having a better strategy. I'd been looking in the wrong direction all this time. So I created a space to share this new insight and understanding. To connect with people like you, who are sick and tired of being sick and tired. Who won't fall for the "Failing to plan is planning to fail". That's not the ticket to achieving the impossible.


This is your life. Not a dress rehearsal.

Please don't spend your one precious life struggling with yourself. You deserve better. Let me help you change the way you see yourself, so you free up extra bandwidth to reach higher, live bigger and be your most fabulous self. Go do the things you always wanted.


I get you. I was in your shoes. I was stuck in a battle with myself where I always ended up losing, no matter what I did. I couldn't understand why I couldn't break through the inner glass ceiling.

But then I found the solution, and I'm here to share it with you.

After successfully rewiring my own brain, and gaining a deeper understanding of how the human experience works, I accomplished what I'd always thought was impossible.


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What's Tellus? Here’s the answer to that mystery:

➣ Tellus means “Earth” in Latin

➣ “Tellus of Athens” was a citizen of ancient Athens who is thought to be the happiest of men

➣ Tellus is often used in the science fiction genre as an alternative name for planet Earth (geeks unite on Tellus!)

➣ My house is on a street named Tellus, so I actually live on Tellus