When I first signed up for the mini course I thought it probably wouldn’t work for me. The information is mind blowing. It will change the way you look at your relationship with food.
— Jenna, Washington DC, USA


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What others say about the 5 DAY MINI COURSE:

I’ve been seeing nutritionists since age 11. I found Fernanda’s approach to weight loss hitting the nail. The 5-day mini course has changed my mindset and my health.
— Paula - Costa Rica
I wasn’t sure if this course would help me, but after the 5-day mini course I’ve just become much more aware of my thoughts and behaviors around food. The best part was the brain science lesson. It’s an entirely different view on the whole dieting thing than I’ve ever heard before.
— Leah - Texas, USA


In this course you'll learn:

  • How your brain functions and the reason why you overeat.

  • The science of habits.

  • How the path to a rewired brain works.

  • The 3 steps to Peace with food.


I’ve been able to take back the control over my thoughts. I see great potential for it to help others like it has helped me. It has awakened huge potential for the future in my life. I highly recommend it.
— Sharon - Junction City, USA
meditation for overeating
What if this was another plan that may not work? Now I’m able to notice my brain at work. Seeing that it’s just thoughts. It’s not me. The mini course helped me to see that it’s just a habit and that it will change.
— Reem - Texas, USA
















This course is a hybrid of science and spirituality. I never dreamed that “brain science” had anything to do with my struggle with food and weight. I always thought there was something wrong with me. This course opened my eyes to a new way of understanding my impulses and obsessions. Fernanda has created a safe space for learning and growing. She teaches with compassion and intelligence.
— Jenna - Washington DC, USA
I thought it was just another course about meditation for weight loss... but now I find myself having this dialogue with my brain on what is good and bad for me. I feel more conscious of what I put in my mouth nowadays.
— Ivory - Singapore
I became more self secure to go the right way. I’ ve learned a lot. I really enjoyed the 5 - day mini course!
— Claudia - Axstedt, Germany
I loved all the parts of this mini course! I also liked that there was not a very big daily time commitment. I have more awareness around my eating habits and have been able to stop and think about why I was eating. Fernanda’s knowledge was inspiring and her presence is very sweet.
— Tracey - NY, USA
Fernanda provides you with excellent life tools. Not just for food freedom, but for other aspects of your life. She is able to convey her knowledge in a way that is easy to understand. Her genuine love and kindness is evident in everything she does.
— Stephanie - Ontario, Canada
I feel more in control. I don’t feel the need to overeat. The uplifting message and encouragement was the best part. I’m now very relaxed around food and don’t worry about making incorrect food choices. The course gives you empowerment to make changes.
— Kathryn - Glasgow, UK