Hello friend!


Do you feel stuck and you can't find your way out?
What if I told you, you've been looking in the wrong direction?


Because it was never about the food.


There's actually a simpler way out. 
A research-based way that will pull you into your own true power.

I believe there’s only one obstacle standing in between you and the life you’ve always wanted
– your thoughts.

My goal is to show you that you had the power all along.
To teach you how to live life with ease and joy. That’s why I’m here.

I’m a book junkie, bikram yogi and lover of all things Sci-fi.
Helping people have peace with food through mindfulness and brain science.


Here's what others say about my Free 5 Day Mini course

I wasn’t sure if this course would help me, but after the 5-day mini course I’ve just become much more aware of my thoughts and behaviors around food. The best part was the brain science lesson. It’s an entirely different view on the whole dieting thing than I’ve ever heard before.
— Leah, USA

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